Water action

Horseshoe Lake is...a lake. Make sure to bring swim suits, towels, and water shoes to swim in. Non-swimmers or those still perfecting their stroke should bring a life jacket so that they can take part in the fun.

Water safety

The lake is small and manageable, but is still wild out there, so we’ll check each swimming area to make sure there are no submerged stumps or Kraken nearby.

There won’t be lifeguards, but none of the kids will be in the water without one of the dads there to supervise. Additionally, one of the dads is a former lifeguard instructor and will teach the kids some useful lifesaving skills.  

Life preservers

In the past, we've let dads exercise discretion when it comes to water safety and the use of life preservers. This year, however, we are making life jackets mandatory for all kids. While the river looks to be pretty tame, it is still far more dynamic than the lakes we've been at in the past. Once we arrive to camp we can reassess in real-time, but prepare for heavy life jacket use.