Drop some knowledge

It would be rad if every dad and savage came prepared with a skill or interest to share with the other Brinkers. It’s a great way to connect and learn about what makes each of us unique.

Past skills have ranged from blowdart making to sewing to magic tricks.

What should you share?

If you love astronomy, then you could give us a tour of the cosmos. If you love animals, then you could share what types of creatures live around our outpost. If you love super heroes, then you could show people how to draw them. Remember, it’s about you, so make it personal.


If you’re skill or activity requires supplies, please bring enough for 25 or so folks. We realize that is a lot of people, so keep it simple and inexpensive.


The key is to share something that you enjoy—it should be a reflection of you. Get creative and don't stress. If it isn't fun to share then you are probably taking it too seriously.