The Brink isn’t just a trip to teach savages new tricks or enjoy the outdoors, though that will certainly happen. It’s about creating and deepening peer-to-peer and interfamily relationships. That isn’t to say that everybody has to become best friends or be especially outgoing—that isn’t realistic. Rather, it’s about creating opportunities for authentic relationships to bud, grow and deepen than wouldn’t naturally happen as we go about our daily lives.


The Brink is the perfect time to take a few risks and dare to do big things that could never happen in our safe and well-programmed daily lives. Dads provide a measure of sanity and wisdom to the affair, but are also expected to supply the biggest, craziest ideas. Through it, we’ll learn that opportunity is always around us, if we simply put ourselves in a position to embrace it.



Big adventures with friends will make up the stories of our lives for years to come. Years from now, we’ll still be saying, “remember that time when Jono ate that live squirrel?” Memories, shared with friends and strung together across many years, will leave us with something neither we nor our savages will ever forget.


Let’s show our kids how to be the hero of their own story. With our encouragement and their courage, savages will forge trails, conquer fears and glory in triumph. Sure, we’ll have fun, but the Brink goes a lot deeper. Year by year, stories and confidence together will grow. Some will become larger than life and be told to our grandkids, who will in turn be inspired to lead courageous lives. Along the way, our savages will grow up, confident and capable, ready to take on epic dreams and difficult challenges.