We built this place the wrong way. But I’ve learned that sometimes the wrong way is the way right way.


Just one more idea...

In 2008, we asked craftsman + artist Kyle Sharp if he was up for collaborating on a few studio ideas we’d been kicking around at Parliament. He threw his tools in his pickup, drove up from San Diego and we got to work. When one idea led to another and another and another and another, our three week project stretched into six months and our little project turned into a pretty rad office. It's a testament to what can happen when what ifs become done thats.

All hail DIY

We had no plan. No blueprints. No schedule. We didn’t hire engineers. We weren’t ADA compliant. We just talked about things that we thought would be rad and then we did them. Sometimes we did them over and over and over until we worked out the kinks (I'm talking about you log wall). We did everything the wrong way but it worked out alright. And, it cost way less than doing it the right way.


Tarp city

Running Parliament amidst the dust and chaos was part of the fun. We didn't have the good sense to work somewhere else during the construction, and frankly, it was just too much fun to leave. We tented off areas for our team to work by areas by dropping clear tarps from the ceiling and then did our best to keep our computers and equipment from getting destroyed by the sawdust. During conference calls we signaled for the saws to stop but the rest of the time you couldn't hear yourself think.