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This year we'll be heading up toward Mt. Adams or Mt. Rainier. We'll scout several locations this Spring and keep you posted. Until then, know that it will be remote,  beautiful and incorporate a body of water.



Coming Spring 18.


Coming Spring 18.

Map it from Seattle

Map it from Portland

Camping disconnected

The Brink is held at scenic and relatively remote locations. It will likely fall outside of cell service, so be prepared to go old school. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure to plan and coordinate before you leave. Assume you won’t have the ability to send or receive phone calls or texts.
  • Download the location and surrounding area in Google Maps on your phone and your phone GPS will still work. Learn how here.
  • Print or buy a good map.
  • Make a list of important destinations, like gas stations, before you leave.
  • Come prepared with a spare tire, jack and fix-a-flat. If you get a flat tire, calling for help might not be an option.