Sunday night

The Brink way

On Sunday we’ll talk through of our plans for the week, lay out the ground rules for dads and savages, and answer questions. It will be purposefully low key because the kids are going to be bouncing off the walls. If there were walls.

And s’mores.

Monday night

Tall tales from the Brink

On Monday we’ll share stories from around the campfire. True stories. Made-up stories. Made-up stories that everyone thinks are true. Tell us about your near-miss with a raging bull or the tale of John Henry.

And s’mores.


Tuesday night


On Tuesday we’ll break out our banjos, harmonicas and pan flutes and drop mics like they’re bad habits. Get ready for some wicked John Denver, Willie Nelson, and campfire jams. If you really want to impress the field, get your kids acquainted to The Okee-Dokee Brothers and they’ll be rocking the campfire in style.

And s’mores.

Wednesday night

Wednesday night live

Our final night will be filled with some funny skits, some sort-of funny skits, and a few that just make no sense. It’s Brink theater night with dads and savages providing the fare. Dust off your old boy scout camp skits, or that marginally appropriate one from Mad TV. We’ll provide the laugh track.

And s’mores.


After Hours

Once the savages are tucked away, dads can stay up as late as they want telling absurd stories that no one believes. This is when we can get real and connect on a level a few notches higher than fart jokes. If you brought a flask or something classy like Pabst, this is the appropriate time to take it out and share it, although heads up, the Brink isn’t the right place to get slizzard.