Can we kill things?

Yes, but you have to eat anything you kill, and that is not negotiable. So far, this rule has kept the killing to zero while keeping the excitement of hunting and trapping alive.

Is it just for fathers and sons?

No, bring your daughters as well—they’ll have a great time.

My wife was a girl scout and she loves camping. Can she come?

Nope. While there are plenty of moms that love the outdoors, one of our goals is to give dads and kids adventures together. Let’s give the moms a bit of peace and quiet—they deserve it.

Tip: book an Airbnb or spa day for your wife and her friends while you and your savages are in the wilderness.

Will we be hiking in to our camp site?

Our camp site is remote, but your car will be able to get you there.

What type of vehicle do I need? Can my minivan hack it?

Yes, your Sienna can hack it, however, the roads might be rough in patches, so come prepared with a working jack, tire iron, spare, and a can of Fix-a-Flat.

Can I bring my RV?


What if we have specific food requirements or allergies?

Let us know and we can chat about it.

What if someone gets hurt?

So far we’ve kept injuries to bumps and slivers, but we come prepared just in case. In addition to bringing a giant first-aid kit, one of the dads is a former EMT and we’ll pre-plot routes to the nearest ranger station and hospital.

Are there trails to ride bikes?

Not sure, but don’t bring your bikes. The other kids won’t have them, and our goal is to do activities that everybody can participate in. Plus, we want to tread lightly and bikes tends to trash remote trails pretty quickly.

What about bears?

We'll be way out in the woods which means it might be bear country, but we’ll teach (and put into practice) responsible camping practices, such as putting food into cars at night, that greatly minimize any run-ins with Winnie the Pooh. Don't sweat this one.

Can I bring my dog?

No. We all saw Old Yeller so we know what happens when pets meet wild animals. Even if she's sweet as can be, your dog is a wild animal magnet.

How young is too young? 

Every kid is different so we don’t have any hard and fast age rules, but 6-years-old is a good age to start thinking about it. If you aren’t sure if one of your kids is old enough, use the hatchet test. Simply stated, if you asked your child not to play with a hatchet that's lying on the ground, would they obey even if you weren’t around? If the answer is yes, bring ’em. If the answer is no, then save them a finger or two and leave them at home.

FWIW, most of the kids fall in the 7-13 range, but there are several older and younger savages.

Will we have cell reception?

Maybe, maybe not—which is a good thing. It’s hard to stay plugged-in to your work emails when you have zero bars and a dead battery. In turn, that makes it easier to plug into everybody else.

Will Google Maps or GPS work?

As cell coverage drops off, Google Maps might eventually stop working, but a GPS unit should still work. Make sure to print off directions and maps. You gotta get old school.

So, how will my wife get a hold of me?

She likely won't be able to.