$30 base + $65 per person

For example, a family bringing three would pay $225.
$30 + ($65 × 3) = $225

What it gets you


You can’t beat country-style flapjacks, eggs, links, bacon and fresh air for getting the day off to a great start.


We’ll serve up family-style dinners every evening.

Hot dogs

For savages who can’t imagine anything better than a grandstander cooked over an open flame, we’ve got them covered. Enjoy all-you-can-eat all-beef dogs all day long.


Fresh water won’t be available where we’re going, so we’ll bring in a truck load.


Our camping outpost will be hours form the nearest refrigerator, and none of us want food poisoning, so we’ll bring plenty of ice.


Need we say more?

Tee shirt & hat

An ultra-soft Brink tee and a tuff trucker hat come standard for every Brinker. Who wants to bet that 80% of our savages never take them off?

Campground fees

We’ll cover campsite and vehicle fees.

Cooking fuel

We’ll bring two large propane tanks for cooking. Please note that they won’t be used to power your lanterns—you are on the hook for bringing your own little propane canisters.


To prevent tree diseases and foreign insects from entering National Forests, it’s illegal to bring in firewood from different areas. So, we’ll purchase legal firewood on the way to our outpost just in case natural firewood isn’t available.

Odds ’n ends

All the boring stuff, like paper towels, foil, soap, garbage bags and cutlery.

What isn’t covered


You’ll want to bring 4-5 days worth of on-the-go types of lunches for your family. We recommend simple pleasures like bread, peanut butter, granola bars, chips, cookies, etc—the types of things that don’t need to be refrigerated, cooked or warmed up.

Family specific foods

We’ll stick to the basics, so our dinners and breakfasts should work for most, but if you have special crackers that you just can’t live without, make sure to pack ’em.

Travel costs

It takes a bit of effort to get to where we’re going. You’re on the hook for that bit.


Preferences vary widely, so apart from trail mix, we’re leaving snacks up to you. Head to Costco and stock up on granola bars, jerky, gross raisins or whatever you’re into these days.


The Brink isn't a get-wasted type of camping trip, but if you want to bring some Pabst or some New Deal Whiskey, go for it. We want you to stay sharp for all the trouble your kids will be raising during the day though, so keep a lid on the spirits until the kids are sawing logs.